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Wednesday Afternoon News, November 14

Jandreau Trial - Day One

(Le Mars) -- Jurors for the Matthew Jandreau case heard opening statements from the attorneys, as well as the first three witnesses for the state's case.  Prosecuting attorney Darrin Raymond told jurors he intends to show how the defendant caused a series of criminal events on March 2nd.  The defendant's attorney Mike Williams told jurors that his client was intoxicated with alcohol at the time and there was no intent with any of the said charges.  The prosecution brought to the stand three witnesses during the first day of the trial. Jurors heard from Plymouth County Communications supervisor Curt Hadding as he described the multiple 9-1-1 emergency calls that came into the Communications center on the morning in question.  Hadding said it was a "chaotic morning"  The first 9-1-1 call was from a woman that said somebody was trying to break into her home through the back door. Hadding said while he was dispatching officers to the address a second, and even a third 9-1-1 calls were received, all related incidents.  The third call came from the home of 126 2nd Ave. Southwest.  Only screaming from what appeared to be from a juvenile female was heard on the third 9-1-1 call.  Sgt. Rick Singer was the second witness for the prosecution.  Singer reported how he had entered the home and screams led him to the basement to find Matthew Jandreau with an eleven year old female juvenile.  Singer testified saying the defendant, Jandreau was on his knees with his pants down to his ankles and what appeared that he was holding the juvenile around the waist.  Singer also testified that the female juvenile was screaming and appeared naked from the waist down.  Singer also testified about a van that was parked in the middle of the street. Later it was learned the van had role in the  investigation related to Jandreau.  The third witness was Walter Hesselink who resides at 126 2nd Ave. Southwest.  Hesselink testified he saw the defendant at the J and J Cafe truck stop.  Hesselink says Jandreau appeared was "walking strange and actiing strange."  Hesselink said of Jandreau that "he looked like he was talking to himself".  He characterized Jandreau's actions as being "fidgety."  As a twisted part of fate, it would be nearly twenty minutes later that Jandreau would be arrested after having entered Hesselink's home and be seen with Hesselink's eleven year old granddaughter, while the granddaughter was screaming.  Testimony will resume on Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

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