Sunday, May 29, 2016
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Amber Inn Motel Reports Fire

(Le Mars) -- A fire was reported Monday morning at about 10:09 a.m. from the Amber Inn Motel located near Business Highway 75.  Le Mars Fire chief Dave Schipper says the motel cleaning staff noticed smoke coming from the ceiling of room 68.  A high wattage light bulb in a recessed ceiling lighting fixture caused some extensive smoke damage to the motel.   The bulb was of higher wattage than what the fixture was designed to hold, causing it to overheat and igniting the ceiling insulation.  Most of the damage was confined to the ceiling insulation.  Flames did not penetrate the roof.  Fire officials entered the motel
and pulled down ceiling panels in order to have better access to the fire.  The smoke  traveled through the attic area and was noticeable in several rooms.  Schipper estimates the damage to be about $3000.  There were no injuries from the fire, and the motel guests were able to escape without harm.

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