Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Akron Flooding

(Akron) -- In the early morning hours on Wednesday, a levy located within the city of Akron was breached by high waters of the Big Sioux River.  Minor flooding occurred in the business district of Akron.  The Akron Fire Department, along with several volunteers were able to sand bag the area stopping any further flooding on Main Street.  Several homes on the west side of the river road were evacuated by fire and law enforcement personnel.  Several large pumps were brought in, and they continued to use them throughout the day pumping water from Main Street.  Akron officials say the repair in the levy is holding and the river has leveled off.  Fire and law enforcement will continue to monitor the river.  A total of 8 other homes were evacuated along the river from north of Akron to Highway  18 and Highway 12.








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