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Monday News, March 16

Thousands Of Fans Attend State Championship Game

(Des Moines) -- Saturday's game for the state championship was both fullfilling and disappointing for the Le Mars Community Bulldogs and their fans.  Thousands of people from Le Mars traveled to Des Moines at the Wells Fargo Arena to cheer on the Bulldog team.  However, as you have no doubt have heard, Le Mars came up a little short for their quest for the state championship, taking instead the Runner Up trophy.  Gerald Klemme of Le Mars was one of the many thousands of fans that traveled to Des Moines.  Klemme also made the three and a half hour journey back in 2000 and 1983, the last two trips for the Bulldogs to the state tournament.  Klemme recaps Saturday's game, saying it was unfortunate the Bulldogs ran into a dry shooting spell during the 3rd quarter.

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Klemme talks about what he will remember about this year's run to the state tournament.

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Le Mars was also awarded the Class 3-A Sportmanship trophy. Like Klemme, Kent Jones also attended the 2000 state tournament.  He says there are several similarities between the 2000 and 2015 Bulldog teams.

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Don Butcher traveled to Des Moines for the 2015 and the 2000 state tournaments.  He echos Jones' comments.

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Sioux City Police Arrest Convenience Store Robbery Suspect

(Sioux City) -- The Sioux City POlice has arrested an 18 year old Sioux City man for the attempted robbery of the Kum & Go convenience store, more than a month ago.  Seth Pointer is being accused of entering the Riverside Blvd convenience store on February 6 at about 2:52, displaying a weapon, and demanding money, but fled the scene without the money when two customers interrupted the robbery.  Acting on tips provided by the public, officers executed a search warrant on March 14th in the early morning hours at Pointer's residence and located clothing and a BB gun that was designed to look like a real firearm used in the robbery.  Pointer was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Woodbury County Jail where he was charged with Robbery in the 2nd degree, a class C felony, an assault while participating in a felony, a class D felony.


Body Found At Recreation Area Near Soldier

SOLDIER, Iowa (AP) - A body recovered from a lake in western Iowa is believed to be that of a farmer reported missing in November.
     The body was pulled from a lake at Oldham Recreation Area near Soldier on Saturday. Officials say the body likely is that of 66-year-old Walter Ordway.
     In December hunters found a pickup owned by Ordway near the recreation area. The Monona County Sheriff's Office says it's believed that Ordway took his dog for an outing to the recreation area on Nov. 17 and that the dog fell through lake ice into the freezing water. The Sheriff's Office says Ordway may have fallen into the water while trying to rescue his dog. The dog's body was found nearby.
   The 66-year-old Ordway lived in Soldier.


Authorities Investigate Shooting In Allamakee County

POSTVILLE, Iowa (AP) - A man has been hospitalized after a shooting in northeast Iowa's Allamakee County.
     The Sheriff's Office says deputies and Iowa State Patrol troopers responded to a call about a shooting in rural Postville just before 11 a.m. Sunday. The officers found the man outside a home, suffering from a stomach wound. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries that were not considered life-threatening. 
     A man and woman at the scene were questioned, but no arrests have been reported. 
     The names of those involved have not been released.


Parents Sign Waivers For Teen Driving

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - An effort to improve teen drivers' road safety by limiting their number of passengers is having little impact, because most parents are signing waivers to opt their 16- or 17-year-olds out of the requirement.
     For the first six months of an intermediate license, drivers can't have more than one unrelated minor passenger when driving without adult supervision. But the 2013 law allows parents to make the decision on whether to exempt the child.
     The Iowa Department of Transportation says about 90 percent of parents signed waivers in 2014.
     Lawmakers approved the tougher rules in an effort to promote safety.
     Democratic state Senator Tod Bowman sponsored the 2013 bill. He said he was a little disappointed, but added that "you can't go wrong allowing parents to make the decision."


Cities To Cut Down Ash Trees In Efforts To Combat Emerald Ash Borer

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Summers will be a steamier in neighborhoods across the country as crews cut down millions of trees in an effort to stay ahead of a small, shiny bug.
     In cities like Waterloo, Iowa workers are in the midst of taking out 4,000 ash trees that tower over homes and shade city streets. The same is happening in big cities and small towns from Pennsylvania to Colorado as officials respond to the emerald ash borer, an insect native to Asia that is killing ash trees in at least 22 states.
     Amid the roar of chain saws, there may be hope for some ash trees. New treatments are available.
     Cities like Milwaukee and Chicago are treating thousands of trees with insecticides rather than removing them.






Saturday News, March 14

1946: Last Bulldog Basketball Team To Compete For State Championship

(Le Mars) -- Although having been to the state tournament on several occassions, the last time the Le Mars Boys Basketball team competed for the Championship trophy was back in 1946.  KLEM news thought it would be nostalgic to go back in the archives and research was was said about that Bulldog team. Some facts and some folklore.  According to the Le Mars Community High School Year Book, there were a couple of articles featuring the 1946 Basketball team.  The starting five was comprised of Sylvester Wilhemi, Don Johnson, Bill Haas, Dick Carey and Eldon Clement.  The reserves comprised of Jim Lorenzson, Dan Walbers, Lee Lambert, Jim Schultz and Fred Bos.  During that time, it was thought that Le Mars had one of the tallest teams in the state with its starters measuring 6-3, 6-5, 6-2, 6-5 and 6-2.  Getting to the championship game Le Mars had to first beat Livermore, Marshalltown, and Wavery.  The 1946 State Championship game matched the Le Mars Bulldogs with Iowa City.  Le Mars lost the state championship in a heartbreaking game when the Iowa City boys put six points through the hoop with only a minute to go in the game.  The game was a see-saw battle, all the way, and it appeared as though the Le Mars team had the game in the bag with only one minute to go and an advantage of five points.  It was agreed by all who saw the game that it was one of the fastest and most exciting games that the had ever seen.  The high scorer of the game for Le Mars was Eldon Clement who scored 17 points.  Folklore says Clement was at the free-throw line with the opportunity to win the game, but unfortunately the ball bounced off the rim causing the Bulldogs to instead bring home the Runner-up trophy.  It has been said that Clement was feeling so distraught about missing the shot, that he chose not to travel with the team on their return trip back to Le Mars.  Another article dating back to 1946 says the post-war years were marked by many happier occasions from the student and alumni point of view.  In March of 1946, the basketball team went to the finals of the state tournament, losing to Iowa City by one point in a close, heart-breaking game.  But the team was welcomed home as enthusiastically as if they had been the victors.  Their performance opened a decade of success in the school's athletics and its other activities.  KLEM wishes the 2015 Le Mars Bulldogs good luck in tonight's championship game with Dubuque Wahlert.


Soderberg Speaks About Gun Bills

(Des Moines) -- This week in the state legislature, the House of Representatives passed a couple of controversial measures...first, a gun bill that would allow suppressors, or better known as silentcers for guns, a part of the passed bill would allow children younger than 14 the opportunity to operate hand guns, along with a provision within the same legislation that would keep the names and addresses of gun permit holders private.   Le Mars republican representative Chuck Soderberg says similar bills were passed during last year's session, but never got through the Democratic controlled Senate. 

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Somewhat surprising maybe the margin in which the bill had passed, with nearly three-fourths of the House members voting in favor of the bill without much debate.

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Soderberg, along with State Senator Bill Anderson will hold a series of legislative forums scheduled for today.  The two lawmakers will be at the Lawton Friendship Center this morning at 9:00 a.m.; the Moville Community Center at 10:00 a.m.  The Pierson Community Center will host the legislators at 11:00 a.m. and the lawmakers will finish their legislative forums at the Nada Hub in Correctionville at 12:00 noon.  Each of the forums are open to the public.


Cattle Drive To Shut Down Highway 20 On Sunday Morning

(Sioux City) --  An old Western style cattle drive will temporarily close part of Highway 20 east of Sioux City this Sunday morning.   Lt. Chuck Hertz of the Woodbury County Sheriff's Department says a local farmer needs to move cattle across the road. 

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Deleware Avenue, also known as County Road K-49, is a blacktop that runs north of Bronson about five miles east of Sioux City.  Lt. Hertz says sheriff's deputies will be on hand to control traffic at the intersection area until the cattle cross the highway. 

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The cattle drive is expected to take place around 7:20 a.m. Sunday. 


Grassley Would Like To See Additional Home Health Care Extended

(Washington) -- Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley wants to make it easier for senior citizens to have the choice to remain in their homes and receive health care, as opposed to going to a nursing care facility.  Grassley has recently introduced legislation to pursue that goal, and he explained his position with reporters during his recent weekly news conference.

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Denison Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killings And Arson

 DENISON, Iowa (AP) - A 26-year-old Denison man has been sentenced to two consecutive terms of life in prison without parole for murdering two elderly people and trying to burn their bodies.
     A judge administered the sentence Friday to Michael Schenk, who was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of arson in January in the murders of 80-year-old Marvin Huesling and 81-year-old Alice Huisenga. Schenk received an indeterminate sentence of 10 years for the arson charge.
     Another defendant, 19-year-old Jayden Chapman, also faces murder and arson charges and is scheduled to go to trial April 28.
     Authorities say Schenk and Chapman shot the pair at a trailer home in Deloit in March 2014 and then set it on fire. Investigators say the men were likely trying to steal scrap metal.

School Bus Carrying 20 Students Overturns

 TREYNOR, Iowa (AP) - Authorities say no one was seriously hurt when a school bus carrying about 20 children overturned on a rural road in western Iowa.
     The Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Office says the rollover occurred around 2:30 p.m. Friday near the intersection of 290th Street and Delta Road northwest of Treynor. Officials estimate as many as 20 children were on board when the bus went off the road and into a small ditch.
     Authorities say one child sustained a minor wrist injury and the driver had bumps and bruises from the incident.
     No further information has been released.


Heavy Fog Responsible For Vehicle Accident

CLEAR CREEK, Iowa (AP) - Police say heavy fog caused a crash that killed a Des Moines man.
     The Iowa State Patrol says the collision occurred about 8:30 a.m. Friday morning at the intersection of Highway 330 and Highway 65 in Jasper County. Authorities say a semitruck struck a van driven by 62-year-old Robert David Evans, who died from injuries sustained in the crash.
     Police say Evans was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. They reported dense fog and zero visibility when the collision occurred.
     Authorities say the crash remains under investigation.


Wall Collapses In Boone

BOONE, Iowa (AP) - Authorities say there are no reports of injuries after a wall of an approximately 125-year-old brick building located in Boone collapsed.
     The collapse occurred around 3 p.m. Friday. Authorities say some people were inside the two-story building at the time, but that no one was hurt.
     Officials say the building was built around 1890 and has had a wall collapse before. The building now contains five apartments and previously was a restaurant.
     Investigation into the cause of the collapse is ongoing. No further information has been released.


Mississippi River Oil Spill

 MOLINE, Ill. (AP) - Authorities say 10 to 50 gallons of an oil and water mixture spilled from a small towboat docked in Moline into the Mississippi River.
     Moline Fire Department Battalion Chief Todd Allen says firefighters responded Friday afternoon to a report of oil on the water's surface in an area where two excursion boats are docked. U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant junior grade Michael Lewis says the leak came from a void space in the towboat, and that the cause of the spill remains under investigation.
     Officials confirmed that the leak has stopped. Lewis says initial water samples tested have not shown oil contamination.
     The U.S. Coast Guard arrived about 4:30 p.m. to assist local emergency crews. Officials remained on the scene Friday night to monitor the river.


State Drops Appeal Of Proposed Voter Purge Rule

  DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The state of Iowa has dropped an appeal of a court ruling that found former Secretary of State Matt Schultz had unlawfully initiated a new rule that could have removed voters from state registration rolls if their names showed up as noncitizens in a federal database.
     Court documents show the appeal was voluntarily dismissed by the state.
     The American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa and the League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa sued Schultz in 2012 challenging the rule first proposed just before the November general elections that year.
     Last year a judge said state law didn't authorize Schultz to create a rule that would cancel a voter's registration based on citizenship questions.
     Dropping the appeal means a permanent injunction stopping enactment of the rule remains in place.


Des Moines Officer Convicted Of Using Excessive Force

  DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - A federal jury has convicted a former Des Moines police officer of using excessive force during an arrest two years ago.
     Jurors on Friday found 38-year-old Collin Boone guilty of unreasonable use of force. The conviction comes after a November mistrial in which jurors couldn't agree whether Boone used excessive force in an arrest two years ago, prompting a retrial that began Monday.
     Boone was charged in connection with a 2013 traffic stop of Orville Hill, whom he kicked in the head. Hill filed a lawsuit in February against Boone, the former police chief and the city of Des Moines.
     Boone was acquitted of falsifying records in his original trial. He was fired in May 2013 following the incident.
















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